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Sl. No. Month Name of Activities
1 April House Meeting & Selection Of Office Bearers & Talent Research
World Health day ( 7th April)
Dr. Ambedkar's Birth day (14 April)
Baisakhi (15th april)
World Heritage day (18th April)
Earth Day Celebration (22nd April)
English Poem Recitation
2 May & June Theme Based Display Board (Wild life)
Social Science Exhibition at K.V. Level
Science Exhibition at K.V. Level
English Calligraphy
3 July Publication of Vidyalaya Patrika
Investiture Ceremony
World Population Day ( 11th July)
World Nature Conservation Day ( 28th July)
Munshi Prem Chand's Birthday ( 31st July)
Wild Life Week
Card Making Competition
4 August Independence Day Celebration (15th August )
Rajiv Gandhi's Birthday / Sadbhavna Diwas (20th August)
Mother Teresa's Birthday (27th August)
Theme Based Display Board (Indian Festivals)
Group Dance Competition
English Skit Competition
Student Health Check up
5 Sepember Teacher's Day Celebration (5th Sep.)
World Literacy Day (8th Sep.)
Hindi Diwas (14th Sep.)
Hindi Calligraphy
Hindi Poem Recitation
Hindi Debate Competition
Hindi Essay Writing Competition
Hindi Slogan Writing Competition
6 October International Day For old Age (1st Oct.)
Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shashtri's Birthday (2nd Oct)
U.N.O. day (24th Oct)
Social Science Exhibition at K.V.S. Level
Science Exhibition at K.V.S. Level
School Excursion
English Elocution Competition
Grand Parents Day ( Primary Section)
7 November Hindi Drama Competition
Flag Day (7th Nov.)
World Science Day (10th Nov)
National Education Day (11th Nov)
Children's Day (14th Nov.)
Fancy Dress Competition (Primary Section)
Rangoli Competition
Mrs. Indira Gandhi's Birthday (19th Nov)
Theme Based Display Board
Group Song Competition
8 December Hindi Elocution Competition
World AIDS Day (1st Dec)
National Pollution Day (2nd Dec)
Human Rights Day ( 10th Dec.)
National Energy Conservation Day (14th Dec)
K.V.S. Foundation day Celebration ( 15th Dec) )
9 January Vivekanand's Birthday /National Youth Day (12th Jan.)
Subhash Chandra Bose's Birthday ( 23rd Jan)
Girl Child Day (24th Jan)
Republic Day Celebration (26th Jan)
Student Health Check up
Martyrs Day (30th Jan)
10 February Thinking Day Celebration (22nd Feb )
National Science Day (28th Feb)
11 March International Women's Day ( 8th March)